Polly's Story

On October 21st 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. This is something you never expect to happen to you, especially as a 36 year old healthy mum of three. I was keen to take on a natural approach after researching the effects of Chemo and radiotherapy, and so I started researching, into the small hours, for anything.


I came across the use of natural herbs and supplements, as well as a special diet as a possible cure.


Five months after my diagnosis, a scan showed that the tumour had neither grown nor shrunk. So you see I knew then, that the natural herbs had the power to keep me 'stable'.

My oncologist suggested that 28 fractions of radiation would be the standard treatment for my condition, so I went with his advice.

However, 4 weeks after completing radiation, a scan showed that rather than cure it, the cancer had metastasised in to my lymph nodes, liver and lungs. I am now stage 4, and classed as terminal.

I will never forget the day in July 2016 when my oncologist told me that I had six months left to live. It broke my heart and the hearts of my family and close friends.

In October 2016 the most recent scan has showed that the cancer is now in my hip bone too. Time is running out and the only option that the NHS can offer is more Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy that MIGHT extend my life, but WILL make the time I have left a time of sickness and anxiety.

I am currently in hospital as doctors are trying to control the acute pain from the radiotherapy.

Apart from the pain, I feel and look relatively normal and KNOW that the prognosis is wrong. I will NOT accept the death sentence that I have been given.

So after LOTS more research, and with the help of my husband and some very special friends I found a clinic in Germany that give a better chance of survival, using more targeted treatments, some costing upwards of 250k.


I set up a "go fund me" account in the hope that friends may be able to donate and help me get to Germany and the response has been absolutely wonderful.


Thank you for reading my story. If you can donate ANY amount, it would be saving my life and I could never thank you all enough for helping me spend many more years with my three precious children, loving husband, family and friends.


Polly xxx

'Go Fund Me'


If you click on the image of me and my family here, it will open my 'Go Fund Me' page where you are able to donate.


All the money will be used for my treatment in Germany and hopefully give me many more years to create happy memories with my family and friends, like the memories shown on this family day out.


Thank you, with all my heart xxxxx

Me, one month after diagnosis November 2015.





Me, in hospital September 2016.





My Beautiful family.





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